The room in my head

Its quite spartan. The no brand cushions are utterly comfortable. There are many views – all jaw dropping. The one overlooking the Taj Mahal in moon light is my current favourite. I won’t go on about the coffee. You will be needlessly jealous.

I’m not alone in here. The voices in my head come and go. There is no door to lock. They tell me elaborate stories that trail off in mid word when the coffee is served. Only to start again on another visit with minor variations. Its never the same story but soaked in de ja vu. Vut tu du. You are now thinking that it must be hell in there. The coffee (which will make you very jealous) and the views make it worth while.

I seem to spend a lot of time in here even when I don’t have any. Minutes, hours seconds are all the same – impostors. I can go there anytime I am awake (unlike these who take refuge in dreams) or not at work. Its vastness stretches not just in space but also into memory. I have to admit some of the further corners of memory are getting quite dark. I keep forgetting to replace the bulbs.

I have other priorities. The ability to relax inside your own head is a distinguished art. After much rigorous toil I have mastered it. Hence the delicious nature of the cushions. Yes the faded, gold tassels do have a purpose. They are essential but you won’t comprehend it so leave them alone.

The room inside my head naturally has many treasures of artistic value. Such as the lost Thirty Seventh view of mount Fuji by Hokusai. A poster translating the Voynich manuscript is another favourite. Then there are the books. All of them written by various voices and in an eternal vortex of being re written. Borges’ Book of Sand is a pamphlet by comparison.

I was going to start thing paragraph about the music collection but decided to drop it. It is futile to look for words to describe the indescribable. Anyway if I succeeded, you woud get jealous and we don’t want that.

It is time to get off the cushions and deal with the world. I hope you are not jealous (I think not). What’s it like in your head?


11 thoughts on “The room in my head

  1. Green Tea: ๐Ÿ˜† Never heard of “a little princessโ€™ before but never thought a post will be compared to early 20th cent. children’s books!. You made my day!

    Chavie: From your blog posts, I think its only a matter of time! Sorry your comment got stuck in the span filter for some reason ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    The bigger question right now is why I get up so bloody early on weekends!


  2. It is a quite a large space, comfortable so that people are can stay for days, months years. You see, once I admit them in, they never leave, a bit like Sri Lankan tenancy laws. No, it’s really because once I let them in I don’t let them leave.

    They all lounge about, doing their thing and occassionally, when I’m on the bus (271 or the faithful 30 (, having a shower, ironing my shirts, basically when I’m alone, they walk up to me and tell me what exercises them, or sometimes I go looking for them in the room.

    All questions and all answers are really about how to live, so it’s never boring and never ending. The list of inhabitants are not that long, and everyone has alist don’t they? Who is sitting, lounging, sleeping on your interior furniture?


  3. Wow wow wow I love this. I may even write a response if I ever get around to it. I barely write these days — sad. I’ve missed the blogosphere! Great post. Can I request more like this one? ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Happy you do like it. Would definitely love to read your response. I’ve lodged your request with the SECOVIMH (Supreme Editorial Council of the Voices in My Head). They are a chilled out bunch so I’m confident they’ll give the thumbs up. The only hurdle is the time to write it when the words form (yes I know the feeling). I’ve settled for a post a month minimum. At least its a sign of life ๐Ÿ™‚


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