Photo of a self amputated past

Clearing out boxes of old photos is an odd business. It unearths reminders of identity that were self amputated with rusted can opener (metaphorically of course). In this case it is the sculpture in this photo. The black and white not is an indicator of age but of a time when I was being unfortunately arty.

The sculpture in the photo is a long discarded artifact of that period. It was a result of a time when I had access to a communal “studio” space. Essentially a high ceiling, unheated room with power tools and lots of wood. Getting these meant crossing a snow-covered landscape at horribly early hours of the morning. The resulting “work” ended up (much to my shock) in an exhibition. Then it spent a few years in the living room of the hovel I shared. My roommates seem to like it as did the people who got the thing into the art show.
I must admit I did enjoy watching the sunlight play on the wood and string that made up the thing. It had a strange silence about it. Yet it was a sure-fire conversation starter. The inspiration came from Italio Calvino’s Invisible Cities.

The thing was rather the large. Over 2m tall and had the volume of a telephone box. it didn’t take my nomadic life of frequent apartment moves very well. Hauling it around as a hassle as well. We eventually parted company at a pile of discarded furniture. I must have walked away received not to haul it up another flight of stairs.

Looking at this photo I have no regrets. I admit I enjoyed making it and later looking at it. Yet it I refuse to accept that I am some sort of “artist”. It’s a phase of my past that I have discarded willingly though residues of it causes time-wasting relapses. As with all things, such relapses, as with the phase of life this sculpture represents, are transient.


5 thoughts on “Photo of a self amputated past

  1. That is nice, no great Cerno,
    My last attempts of making photos of snow covered landscape, (which this year was still getting covered well in to June, mind you this is in Sunny Cali) made me really wonder if I need to get, say even more expensive camera! Because I know I am better than good! which I can’t say about my photos!. Every fine photo encourage me all the time and I am glad to say I am encouraged, Thanks, I will certainly try summer landscapes bayscapes and everything else!


  2. magerata: 😀 looking forward to seeing your work. Sometimes getting a decent camera DOES improve quality of the pics!

    Jack: Thank you 🙂 though when I think about the contraption I built I see the flaws in sharper detail. At this stage/circumstance of life I guess I have no choice (in terms of time/priorities) than to wait till that later stage of life. Assuming I do ever get to being a leisurely retiree 🙂


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