Happy belated blog birthday (Blog-o-versary) to the Lady

Lady Divine’s blog has passed the 5 year mark which is a longer time in blog years. I was going to fire a quick “congrats” comment with exclamation marks or something to that effect. But I thought she deserved something longer.

Without realising it I have become a long time reader of her blog. Its among the few that I visit on sneaky “blog breaks” at work. Her writing makes me laugh unexpectedly. It cheers me up on tedious days when traffic jam hour feels far away. Even on better days I close the browser window feeling chirpier.

Naturally I make an extra effort not to chuckle out loud at the hilarious things she writes. A long while back I learnt its unwise to read her blog with food in your month. Unexpected laughter is a choking hazard (don’t worry my legal teams say I have no case to take to court). Plus LCD screens don’t take curry splatters very well but no need to relive all that. Just don’t read her blog while eating/drinking ok? Perhaps she should have a warning saying so but that could been seen as pretentious.

I have never been able to fully figure out the secret sauce she uses in her writing. His Rhythmicness quite accurately described her blog as the “market leader” in “come and stroll through life my with me and see what goes on” school of blogging.

Its one of those things which are easy to do but very hard to do well – particularly for a long time – like photography. I think such blogging requires a certain brutal honesty, strength of character and considerable bravery. As a blogger who keeps his personal life carefully veiled, Lady Divine’s approach is liberating as well as inspiring.

Of course all of the above is served with a distinctly flavoured sense of humour. Which rewards the loyalty of long time readers with its complexity and richness. And it all written from the heart without care for keyword research and adword revenue.

Her blog flows from a talent to put out the experience of one’s life in a vibrant flow of personal stories. To keep that up for 5 years is an achievement in the best traditions of writing (not just blogging). I don’t want to end this cheezsily by wishing her another 5 years. The best way to put it is: Banzai! Banzai! Banzai! (Ideally to be recited holding a Katana while standing on an elevated surface such as desk but there are health and safety issue I have to deal with – as well a the lack of a Katana).


3 thoughts on “Happy belated blog birthday (Blog-o-versary) to the Lady

  1. I just saw this Cerno and I’m so touched…

    I actually didn’t know that you followed me so much and I’m deeply touched..:)

    Thanks so much for this post… Really means a lot to me…

    Hope all is well with you..



    1. I didn’t realise I was following your blog for quite a while either till your Blog-o-versary post sparked the realisation 🙂 The pace and quality of your post are inspiring (I know its cheesy when I say it but its true).


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