Digital fatigue

It makes social media feel like excrement. The brain is too tired for the horrors of television. Haven’t touched flickr in ages and I can’t the thought of a tweet. When did I last use a paint brush ? Or dared to see if the acrylics haven’t dried in their tubes. I don’t know and the sad sad truth is, I don’t care right now. After the commute, its dinner, shower and sleep. Then the alarm rings and it’s morning again. Life’s a wheel and I’m a hamster. At least I’m a lucky one.

Yes it’s all very arty farty and pretentious. But I’m buying this sneeze of peace by getting the words out my head. That’s the way it goes.


13 thoughts on “Digital fatigue

  1. aaaaaaaargh! thats exactly my life you are talking about. from the commute right down to the dried up paint. so so tired.


    1. Here’s hoping you’l crawl out of it. I have (several times) – it al boils down to getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep – its alay better than Arrack 🙂


  2. Ground-hog Days.

    People suffer like this in big cities; I think it’s to do with the sheer stress on getting to and back from work as well as the many hours in front of a screen in an anti-human environment that most offices seem to be.

    What you need to do is to make time for some creative input. Otherwise your ‘soul’ and body will separate and you will descend in to despair! Of course this doesn’t apply to everyone. But some people need to write, make music, paint, garden, cook …basically make something in order to keep their bearing. As an analogue being, how can you be rooted to life if your life is mainly digital?

    I am listening to again to a series called A History of the World in 100 Objects that was on the BBC a while back. In one of the earlier episodes the presenter was talking about the human need to make things (and for them to be made better and more beautiful than they actually need to be) as being one of our important distinguishing factors. And this was 1.8 million years ago.

    Listen to a few, start painting.


    1. Totally agree with you on a gut level. Its odd how this tiredness hits. I’m not sleepy just too tired to do anything. Painting in particular requires a relaxed state of mind. Right now that’s only possible through sleep.


      1. When I was working in London not so long ago, every three or four months, and usually on a Friday evening I would come home around 6 or 7pm and would be so tired that I would lie down for a few minutes before washing, eating and ‘going out’ (Friday night is the best night for partying as it means you have Saturday to recover and whole of Sunday for the ‘Monday blues’!), but I would wake up on Saturday morning around 10am. Amazingly refreshed. I never planned this but the body seemed to just kick in and sort it out for me. This has happened to other people I know.

        It’s such a shame we can’t store up sleep, like credit, to get us through busy times.

        I think most people living in cities are almost always lacking sleep and/or dehydrated!


  3. Oh no 😦

    I can understand that the weekday routine gets tough to break after a tiring day at work and household duties but maybe work out something that would make sure that the weekends are free? Do some traveling/exploring with Mrs. C? Get away from Colombo for a bit?

    Don’t give up. Lost mojo is so hard to regain.


    1. I think we successfully manage to get away through sleep 🙂 Its just that the demands/requirements of life and the available time to fulfil them just crowds out everything else.

      But its not all gloom and doom.


  4. chamira: That happens to me practically every week day – I pass out around 9pm and can only wake up the next morning! Thankfully I’m only knocked out on weeknights. The lack of sleep is definitely a part of digital slavery.


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