Sri Lanka’s eastern most point from space

Sri Lanka’s easternmost point, Sangamankanda (also referred to a Sangaman Kanda), sits on a wide, isolated beach with an abandoned light house. Good for an opening shot of an arty independent film. Inevitably about some sort of inner turmoil. I’ve never “heard” of this place and only came across it by a very round about way. Its also the kind of mention that begs for a Google Earth post. So here it is:

Screen shot of Sri Lanka's eastern most point as viewed from Google Earth

I first “heard” about this place some time back when Chavie/Janith was plotting to flee the city. After toiling on and exams he no doubt has earned a break. Among the many places suggested as a hide away is Sangamankanda Point – Sri Lanka’s Eastern most point (and beach). Suggested by who else but the official hiker of the Sri Lankan blogosphere.

Obviously the abandoned light house is a point of interest. The silence about its history makes the place more interesting.

Links to some photos of the place by people who have actually been there:

If you got any more information and/or photos of the place the comment box awaits.


6 thoughts on “Sri Lanka’s eastern most point from space

  1. People in UK have successfully converted old lighthouses as home. Preserving the integrity of the structure and ensuring life span for history. Would like to see it catch on in SL. Over here heating the things have been the biggest challenge. Just imagine opening up the top to be used as roof garden with a bar!


    1. Tat’s a great idea – I can see that light house at Galle Fort would be a great spot. Though I think its stil in use and the top is a bit cramped 🙂


  2. We had a great escapade on this area 3 years ago. As you can see it is a very wide beach. Usually all eastern beaches are wider than the ones on the western side. It was one of the loneliest beaches I have ever come across. Other than the 4 of us no soul was around whole day. The rocky beach is good for swimming but at your own risk. I’ll upload a few closer photos of the lighthouse. We tresspassed many lands, Went thru’ fences .. but there should be a better route to get there. If you are taking a vehicle you better take a 4WD.


    1. Thank you for the info. Have you heard any info about how that lighthouse ended up their and why its abandoned? Can’t be the 2004 tsunami can it?


  3. Very interesting post Cerno, and a nice collection of photos too. 😀

    Still didn’t make that escape into the East, but hopefully will do soon. 😉


    1. Thank you 🙂 The photos aren’t mine though – just the fruit of a few Google searches. Hope you get to flee the city some time. I’m too well chained to the demands of life 😐 VTDN


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