Essential luxuries of blogging – report from the hamster wheel

Writing requires time for a quiet mind. Another essential luxury is the patience to string sentences together into something coherent. Having sentences slithering through the brain is just noise. Editing paragraphs of them in the head while in the shower is a waste of time and water. When you do get the odd moment to sit down and peck the keys its too over whelming. Paralysis in the face of the avalanche of words coming down the slopes of a mental volcanic. Vut tu du kno?

In the background, the voices in the head are cackling from their cushions. They passing the wine around and keep stirring the neural cauldron. The most frightening part of all this is not zoning out at the dinner table. It is the thought of not seeing the truck running the red at an intersection. All because I was endlessly sharpening a metaphor for some silly nonsense while waiting for the green.

There’s no where to run when its in your head. Only a psychiatrist (for a stinging fee) will even consider what its like. Mostly they would say: “you are just bragging about your repressed literary talents”. Shitting blog posts has nothing to do with talent. I just don’t want to keep editing the history of the Bare Handed Wild Boar Hunting Club for the nth time during the commute, in the shower, or when told to “hold”.

Perhaps its time for a decent brandy, a photograph or, more realistically a post like this. All in the mad futile hope for the chattering to stop (I have repeatedly tried and failed at meditation).

Crap I’ve spent too many minutes writing this as I have too many times before. When I should have attended to the todo list. Lobotomy is not an option. But there has to be something else. If you know one tell the comment box. Perhaps 2012 will reveal some answers. Murphy says otherwise.


11 thoughts on “Essential luxuries of blogging – report from the hamster wheel

  1. Heh. Sentences slithering through the brain. WordPress is amazing at metaphor and simile today. Suddenly, I am squirming with the visual of so many snakes between my ears, making up my brain…


  2. As “she who must be obeyed” would say ” that bugger Murphy is too much”! Happy 2012 Cerno old boy – lets hope for many many more blog posts in the new year!


    1. Thank you 🙂 I agree. Life imposes its demands and in the resulting triage to time prioritisation blogging get to the bottom quite ruthlessly. 😦 VTDN?


  3. These little blog posts that you manage to peck out are real teasers man… 😀 Met Dili yesterday and we were wondering if we’d ever get to meet you. 🙂 Happy 2012, and may we find you blogging more. 🙂


    1. Thank you 😀 miraculously I do find a few mins twice to month to bang southing out. In the mean time the few mins each day on the porcelain throne does give me time to punch in a few lines into the phone. Its strange the time lock down that married life creates. But that’s another story/blog post.


  4. So here it is 2012, best wishes.

    Keep blogging, as I think that is the only way to at least quieten the monkeys. Besides, what exactly is wrong with a creative impulse, you should allow yourself to nurture it. Nothing worthwhile comes to us easily, struggle on and celebrate the struggle.

    By the way, what exactly did you do when you ‘tried’ meditation? Just curious.

    Feliz Ano Novo!


    1. Happy 2012 to you and thank you for the encouragement 😀 (my Portuguese is a bit better now with Google Translate!)

      True I shouldn’t complain about the creative impulse but in a time crunch I hate having to decide between obeying the impulse to spit out odd stories/posts and the “practical” demands of life. Right now I just have to cool is and patiently work my time. I guess it could be worse.


  5. chamira: True 🙂

    To answer your question about if I tried meditation : I did managed to find the time a while back to site for 5 mins a day and do the Buddhist “breath” meditation for a while. After a short while of trying to focus on the breath I saw manga comic like images flashing in my mind even though my eyes were closed. It was crazy since I don’t read Manga in the first place 😦 Frightening too. Goes to show how chaotic the mind can be. Anyway, the time crunch killed that too.. 😦 New year’s resolution is to find time to mediate again.

    Voices in the head are already cackling at the thought.


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