.lk domain names you’ll never see

Updated list

  • Ministry Of Co-ordinating Reconciliation And Brotherhood:  ministryofcrab.gov.lk (formally part of the Dept of Fisheries during the war)
  • Shanth International Transport Aviation (now owned of Ravana Aviation) sita.ravana.lk

The original list

  • Lanka Transport Technology Emporium: ltte.lk
  • t56.lk
  • terranvista.lk (groundviews.lk forwards to rentacar.lk)
  • xxx.lk
  • and obviously, sex.lk
  • Foundation for Analytical Research and Teaching (just use the first letters of the main words and add .lk. They keep a low profile after a brawl but still provide funding under the Foundation for Analytical Research and Teaching Scholars program.)
  • law.lk (website of Lanka Armament Works)
  • twitter.lk
  • upcountry.mangoculitvation.gov.lk
  • eelam.lk
  • kottu.lk
  • yakko.lk
  • rcf.asn.lk Royal Colombo Flatulist Association
  • chamindapuswedilla.lk
  • ah-nangi.lk
  • barehandedwildboarhuntingclub.lk
  • kksp.org.lk – (Kama Kala Shilpi Peramuna – umbrella organisation representing Sinhala, Tamil and Dutch language sectors of Sri Lanka’s pornographic industry)
  • whattodo.lk
  • indi.lk (not on whois yet but who knows one day…)
  • jvp.lk
  • ACICAS.org.lk (All Ceylon Ice Coffee Appreciation Society)
  • facebook.lk
  • velupillaiprabhakaran-sucks.lk
  • canibal.lk (an exclusive militantly anti vegetarian gourmet experimentalist club)
  • sauc.lk (Society of Acronym Users & Creators, Sri Lanka)
  • machan.lk (its expired as of 2012/02/02)
  • ravana.lk (hub site for the Ravana group of companies including Ravana Aeronautics)
  • moju.lk
  • hotelcasserole.lk Hotel Casserole
  • lol.lk (Lanka Orbital Logistics – Sri Lanka’s second largest orbital and lunar logistics company)
  • achcharu.lk

Neither the now defunct All Ceylon Russian Roulette Club nor All Ceylon Society of Antique Ordinance Collectors ever had web sites let alone used computers.

That’s about the limits of my imagination. Proof that you can do better should be submitted via the comment box below. No need to cancel any stamps or have docs validated by a grama sevaka.

Note that that wordpress.com’s paranoid spam filter might prevent your contributions from appearing instantly. Don’t dispair. I promise to check it more frequently than usual.


8 thoughts on “.lk domain names you’ll never see

  1. TypoInColombo : Thank you great suggestions!

    kirigalpoththa : Well the GOSL was never known for good sense marketing or otherwise. But they do come up with some pricelessly hilarious stuff like pubad.gov.lk/ and most.gov.lk

    Chavie : hu.lk does sounds line a good name for a link shortening service. Perhaps one shortens links in all 3 languages (to give it local relevance). Your next project perhaps.

    Incidentally how easy is it to register a .lk domain. Not so straight forward according to a post by indi


  2. lamprais.lk

    and variations thereof for this ever popular and as equally misspelt dish. One in honour of its Dutch origins lomprijst.lk would be great.

    slt.lk – Sri Lankan Totty (for those British expats with an appreciate eye for the local lasses) – oh wait its gone!

    sugardaddy.lk – for those who are researching in to their family histories in the sugar plantation.


  3. chamira : 😆 those are great! sugardaddy.lk and the new meaning of slt.lk in particular feel like good fodder for a post. A bunch of voices have appointed themselves into a exploratory sub committee to investigate further. Thank you!

    Anandawardhana : fml.lk sounds workable. I wonder if anyone will grab it

    Chavie : Thank you 😀 Looks like a very interesting site. Think I might sign up and follow of Twitter.


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