5th year of doing this blogging thing

Change/mutation/evolution is the only constant. Quite often it is hard to notice. Particularly in Sri Lanka where nothing seems to change until we suddenly realise that it has. 5 years (1827 days) after my first blog post even a blogger as thick and dim like Cerno can notice the mutations in his blogging.

The most apparent (and I have whined about this tediously) is the realisation that blogging has become a grim necessity. A form of defecating sentences that have mysteriously formed in the mind. Putting them into words has a temporary clearing effect. It is identically to the bliss you experience with the porcelain throne from both sitting and kneeling positions.

The last 5 years been fun. Some might say 5 years of doing anything vaguely “creative” at a passable level of frequency is an achievement. I won’t because what ever this blog has “achieved” has been accidental. The result of hurried typing triggered on unexpected impulses and sentences that appeared in my mind while taking a shower. Despite my innate stupidity, there is noting much I regret blog wise so far.

I remain awed and quite humbled that there are people who can enduring reading this blog. The typos and other errors must make the reading experience like a pot holed secret Colombo short cut after a heavy meal.  I wish I had the time to clean up and proof read my posts. Sadly I don’t. Such is life. However even I have evolved to enjoy my own writing despite the bumps.

What’s really changed is this weird turn down a road that is bordered by the surreal and lined by what appears to be an attempt at satire. I doubt if the voices in my head are capable of either. They of course don’t care.

A casualty of this change I feel is an aversion to comment on my surroundings. I think partly it is the knowing that other people do it better. My domesticated circumscribed life also limits life experience to a dull daily grind. Even the voices don’t care to comment. Perhaps the latest drift towards the imagined realities is a reaction to these circumstances. Either way there’s nothing much I can do but peck the keys on the rare moments like these when I can.

One day I suppose, the words will stop due to some reason or the other. Perhaps I’ll be cured of this madness. Till then, thank you for reading 🙂


10 thoughts on “5th year of doing this blogging thing

  1. This may be be cruel, but I hope ‘the madness’ never disappears. Maybe you will get more time to leisurely peck them out. 🙂

    Happy blogoversary Cerno! 😀


  2. Satire has been the outlet and weapon of many a decent person whose intelligence and sense of justice and ethics have been insulted by the political classes. You have great company.

    I think a version of Swift’s ‘Direction to servants’ aimed at the burgeoning (in all senses of the word) SL middle-classes would be great….if you are taking requests!


  3. Cadence : Thank you 🙂

    scrumpysheart: will do! 😀

    Chavie : Thank you particularly for the wish for more time 🙂 Cruel yes but admittedly blogging’s becoming a guilty pleasure as the time shrinks.

    chamira : 😀 have to admit my drift to Satire is unconscious. Perhaps the best way. I do have to polish up my techie though. Thank you for pointing out Swift’s work. I had forgotten about him after having to write a long paper on his “Modest Proposal” in university. Never know he had other interesting writings. A priceless blog birthday present!

    Anandawardhanaa : Quite humbled to hear you say that 🙂 Thank you.


  4. I thought I’d commented here ages ago, just realised I was wrong. Many hearty congratulations Cerno. You’re a bit mental and I mean that in the most positive way possible!



    1. Thank you 😀 For a moment I was worried I might be getting “normalised”. Peal of echoing laughter bracketed by flashes of perfectly timed lightening


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