First blog post in a month

Feels like its been a while since I logged in to clean out the spam. Then it hit me that I haven’t spat out a post for almost a month. Though I prefer not to look at the records, it feels like an obscenely long time. The Rhythmic one’s Are You Still Blogging post also brought home that fact that I’ve not been pecking the keys. My reasons are the usual mumblings about time and the new priorities that keep piling on even before the old ones get prioritised.

I’ve also managed to make some sort of peace with the voices in my head to be patient. They are a rowdy bunch who want to be heard but they seem to have calmed down in the face of “the facts”. It also feels like every time this blog anniversary comes around, it creates an ominous pause in the flow. As if life schedules unannounced additional priorities.

Either way, I no long blog because I want to have a have blog. I blog because there’s words swirling in my head and they need to be flung out for the sake of internal peace and quiet. Its that practical. Yet oddly hard to prioritise in the face of the daily grind. So I bang it out when I get the chance. Like now. The frustrating part is crafting something more elaborate gets harder and takes longer. Similar to building a sand castles with rice grain but harder.

So it will keep on happening. Just not as that often. You of course know that. So I wrote this post for my self and the voices (they are singing La Marseillaise in Bulgarian a the moment but will get around to reading this eventually).

Thank you for dropping by. Until the next post, check out the archives of the “random post”.


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