Sri Lanka streamlines application process for social media access

The government has streamlined the application process for personal social media access. Key points of the new requirements are the centralisation of the place to submit documents, reduction in the number of supporting documents and a single simple application form.

Even those convicted of association with banned organisations such the LTTE, SLFP, CPA, Groundviews, and Lirneasia can apply. Exceptions are those on proscription lists for having links to the former Rajapakese regime or anyone undergoing outpatient reeducation for level 3 anti national activities. The form itself has been reduced to 20 pages and a mere 50 questions. The application fee has also been reduced to 53 Sri Lankan dollars

The process centralises the submission point for all documents to your local Grama Sevaka office.

The list of items required are

  • Certified copy of birth certificate
  • Police report from each police area where applicant has lived for more than 4 months
  • Originals of all inter-district travel permits
  • Original copy of cultural Hygine and patriotism assessment exam results taken within 2 weeks of application submission
  • Certified RF tag number of your ID card/mobile phone
  • Original of you Internet access permit (a temporary one will be issued until your application is decided)
  • Proof that applicant paternal great grand father was a resident of Ceylon
  • Certificate of regular attendance signed by s clergy member of applicant’s temple/mosque/kovil/church
  • Health clearance certificate with results of psychiatric examination

Documents required for certain applicants

  • Spinsters aged 16 to 40 must submit results of a virtue examination carried out by a Ministry of Cultural Hygine Approved gynaecologist no more than 7 days prior to submitting application
  • Registered/convicted Homosexuals must include original of their proof of ongoing rehabilitation treatment card
  • Former Homosexuals must submit certificate of non relapse issued by their local police post
  • Holders of non state artistic licences must include the original of their cultural deviancy assessment

6 thoughts on “Sri Lanka streamlines application process for social media access

  1. There is a vital piece of documentation missing in these requirements, Mr C, the grave consequences of which I do not think someone in your position need reminding.

    I am of course referring to, and no doubt you are quite aware of, although it appears it may have slipped from your mind, hopefully temporarily, for all our sakes, is of course any permits relating to movements of wood and timber from the place of the applicants permanent residence to anywhere else outside the remit of the said applicants said place of residences Grama Nilladhari.


    1. I decided to leave that out so that when the applications are rejected my minions can demand higher bribes to fix things. Anyway unspecified requirements have always been a traditional thing.


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