Bukowski at home – Zen moments from paper books in an E Book era

I have been a fan of Charles Bukowski’s poetry for years. He’s one of the few poets I read voluntarily. Bukowski stands out because I have a stockpile of his books collected over the eons. The photo in this post is my evidence.

Bukowski bookshelf

I naturally prefer his poetry over prose. The later poems over the early works. Yet I have two copies of his novel “Post Office”. The answer to “Why” question continues to evade me. I read his poems by grabbing a book at random and letting chance decide which poem the pages flip to. Its add a nice bit of zen to the day. Utterly removed from the fascist order of ebooks.

Typically this sort of thing happens at odd moments. When “wait time” don’t actually give you enough minutes to do anything other than read a snippet of something. Like a vodka after coming in from a Siberian winter night, a shot of Bukowski fits a bill nicely.

Do you have an writer/book shelf that does something similar ? Send me a link to a photo of it.


5 thoughts on “Bukowski at home – Zen moments from paper books in an E Book era

  1. I usually pick up whatever is on the shelf at that moment: Old Rolling Stones/Mojo mags, vintage World War II/Western comic books, some Beatnik poetry by the likes of Gregory Corso or Lawrence Fellingetti, and lately been reading bits and pieces from “Naked Lunch” by William Burroughs.


    1. Apologies for taking so long to fish your comment out of the spam filter. Should log in more often.

      Never read any of those authors. Haven’t heard of Gregory Corso or Lawrence Fellingetti before. For a moment I thought they were all Italians 🙂

      Many thanks for the recommendations!


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