Photo of how Sri Lankans understand road rules

I was meaning to write a long piece of how this is a metaphor for life in a 21st century feudal society. But why bother when the photo already has the 1000 words.

Sri Lankan interpretation of road signs
Sri Lankan interpretation of road signs

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Safe driving over the 31st night period and arrive sober to a happy new year.


6 thoughts on “Photo of how Sri Lankans understand road rules

  1. Idiots. This happens frequently near the Rajagiriya MacDonalds too. And in some places it is not ok to turn right but a U-turn is allowed. Where is the sense in that?


    1. I think sense has very little to do with it 🙂 could also be that road planning is missing the needs of users so they take these “short cuts”. Then again the words “roads” and “planning” are only superficially linked in SL 🙂


  2. In Sri Lanka, no proper driver training is available. Most of the driver trainers are not capable of training drivers. They will never teach you to become a disciplined and a cooperative driver. They will never teach you scientific ways of maneuvering a vehicle. Most of our new drivers do not know how to pass roundabouts, how to park a vehicle or how to reverse a vehicle. Our authorities are like sleeping giants, they never improve the training system. Moreover, the driver testing is very poor. They never test your capability of handling vehicles in difficult situations. They will ask you to maneuver the vehicle in a very slow speed. They will never test your confidence. You will be qualified if you can take your vehicle slowly. Then you can learn all wrong doings on the road from other wild drivers. So, how can we expect confident and disciplined drivers?
    Now they think of new fining systems and a new license. This is ridiculous without introducing a proper driver training!


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