Can you explain this billboard ?

I think this is an incomplete bill board. Or its heavily encrypted with super secret symbolism readable only to cult members or symbologists.

Something to do with the Chartered Institute of marketing I think
Something to do with the Chartered Institute of marketing I think

My regular commute doesn’t take me on this route anymore – snapped it during the holiday scurrying around. So I’m not sure if its complete by now. If you can interpret what it means please use the comment box below and enlighten us all.

This post also proves that some of my predictions are quite off the mark.


11 thoughts on “Can you explain this billboard ?

  1. Apparently it’s an ad for a famous tuition class teacher who has an 86% success rate in his pupils passing their exams. I’m told he’s so famous that he doesn’t need to mention his name as everyone knows what he looks like.


  2. WOW!! if that’s the case then this guy should be appointed as the minister of eductaion. We would have a nation of very educated citizens!!


  3. Teacher ? I doubt it…I would rather call him a tuition provider ….and I totally agree with your last comment…and he is involved with CIMA(the pic isn’t very clear but this has to be him ..)


    1. I checked with the other cult members and its not part of our cult (The Eternal Slaves of Cthulhu, Ceylon). Well serves whoever else it is right. WE never put out public statements like that ….

      Peal of echoing laughter with a lot and I mean A LOT of bass (think James Earl Jones only deeper).


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