Drive a Lamborghini in Colombo

Do you want to drive a variety of Lamborghini sports models in Colombo and get paid for it? Then this post is for you.

Privacy focused, Colombo based, global high net worth individual seeks skilled chauffeur for her fleet of sports Lamborghinies

The primary responsibility of the role is to skilfully and safely drive any type of Lamborghini sports model at a moment’s notice. Driving environments will vary between Sri Lankan roads, closed circuit tracks, German autobahns, and urban streets in the French Riviera as well as Italian cities (including the Alps).

The ideal candidate must be a physically fit citizen of Sri Lanka of good standing excellent with a valid Sri Lanka driver’s licence and flawless driving record. Other essential criteria include demonstrably excellent driving skills, experience driving sports cars – specifically Lamborghinis – in Sri Lankan conditions is a must.

Along side driving duties the role covers executive oversight of all maintenance relating to the Lamborghini fleet. These duties will require regular travel to Italy in the client’s private A380 accompanying cars requiring maintenance /customisation.

The candidate must be highly fluent in Italian (both spoken and in written communication). High level of fluency in spoken German and French is also expected. All candidates must submit proof of language fluency in their initial application. Finalists will be required to take an in house language test.

A parallel requirement of this role will involve close protection tasks assigned by the head of the client’s security staff. The role will require carrying a concealed automatic weapon at all times (licences for all countries will be supplied). To fulfil these tasks, the candidate must demonstrate marksmanship with any type of fire arm in automotive close protection situations. All officially supplied Amarni attire will incorporate bullet proof armour. Additionally, the successful candidate must demonstrate black belt proficiency in unarmed combat.

The public facing aspects of this role will require the candidate to have sound knowledge of high society etiquette and fashion. Prior knowledge of such topics will be helpful but not critical. Additional training in this area will be provided.

If you feel this role interests you, please leave a comment below stating your interest. If you pass our preliminary security surveillance, one of our agents will contact you for the next stage of the application process.

The persons depicted in the photograph below and Ferrari fans need not apply.

Lamborghini Gallardo Near Havelock Road
Image used with permission from Indi’s Flickr site


4 thoughts on “Drive a Lamborghini in Colombo

    1. True. 🙂 in a feudal political system, slavish obedience is the base line. It’s also the mask with which treacherous plots are hatched in the royal court. Of course only the paranoid and the vicious survive (as mental wrecks). Nothing new, just the way of the kings.

      Glad you liked the post 😀


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