People’s Republic of Dehiwala flag – Wikipedia entry draft

The following is a draft for a Wikipedia entry on the flag. Please use the comment box in this post for corrections/additions.

Flag of the People's Republic of Dehiwala
Image created by the chair of the PRD’s. Central cultural committee.

The flag of People’s Republic of Dehiwala, Sri Lanka’s only openly nuclear armed country, appears quite unorthodox. However it is rich in historic and political symbolism. Central to the imagery is Dehiwala’s iniquitous Tuk-tuk – generally referred to as a Trishaw.

The Trishaw has multiple layers of meaning. Politically it represents the 3 branches (chakras) of government required for a democracy to move forward: the judiciary, the legislature and the executive. Philosophically, it symbolises the feistily libertarian spirit of a citizenry fanatical about the rule of law and personal freedom. The leftward facing Trishaw indicates the direction of the country’s social consciousness. It’s position symbolises a centrist approach to balancing social justice and entrepreneurial meritocracy. The Trishaw also represents the spirit of mindful, socially responsible individualism that Dehiwalites revere.

At a historical level, the Trishaw references armoured three wheelers – vehicles central to the PRD’s creation struggle. These vehicles were instrumental in cementing the territorial integrity of the PRD.

The blue colour represents the integrity, industrious work ethic and tolerant culture of the PRD’s people. The white stripe represents the purity of purpose on their drive to establish and maintain their country as an independent entity.

The upper stripe represents the sky which is a metaphor for the boundless intellectual capital of the citizenry. The lower stripe represents the southern ocean (formally called the Indian Ocean) which is essential for the PRD’s trade base economy.

About the flag’s designer

The flag was created by the state vexillologist and chair of the central cultural committee, Captain Major Chavie “The Root” Janithl (rtd) who led the 3rd Mechanised Infantry Close Support Artillery Squadron (3MICSAS) during the siege of Colombo. He famously wrote the mobile artillery fire control software while under rocket attack. Respected defence analyst and historian Goliath White credits this software (called Killer Kotthu) as the “tipping point” of the PRD’s victory in the strategically decisive Battaramulla counter offensive.

In civilian life, Captain Major Chavie “The Root” Janithl (rtd) is lead developer at the software giant YAMU – founded by private second class, Indica Samarajeev (rtd) who led the 3rd MICSAS‘s innovative field kitchen unit.


9 thoughts on “People’s Republic of Dehiwala flag – Wikipedia entry draft

  1. Oh Cerno! 😀 So so so flattered. And amazed at what the ViCH have come up with for the flag’s symbolism. And yay, at fighting for Dehiwala in the war. “feistily libertarian spirit of a citizenry fanatical about the rule of law and personal freedom, leftward […] social consciousness, centrist approach to balancing social justice and entrepreneurial meritocracy, […] mindful, socially responsible individualism” – dayum, hoping against hope that someday we will have a state like that to live in on these beautiful shores. 🙂

    Till then,
    Glory, glory Dehiwala,
    Glory, glory Dehiwala,
    Glory, glory Dehiwala,
    Our tuks go rumbling on!


  2. The Kingdom of Maharagama will declare war on you unless you withdraw your claim to Bellanwila.

    Bellanwila with the sacred temple at it’s heart has always been ideologically linked to the good Buddhists of Maharagama rather than the godless folk of Dehiwala.


    1. Bellanwila and Maharagama sectors are outside the borders of the PRD and was never claimed by it. They are technically within the borders of Republic of Ceylon but are occupied by troops from the Kingdom of Sri Lanka (as per amendments to the sept 5th treaty).


      None of the 3 countries on the island recognise the so called Kingdom of Maharagama. The last claimant to the throne of Maharagama was beheaded by the King of Sri Lanka for seeming to insult Buddhism and failing to show proper respect before his representatives.

      The area around Maharagama was heavily mined by retreating RoCey forces. Due to the disputed nature or border de mining is at a stand still.

      Use of chemical weapons by Kandian military has contaminated the ground water is those areas. There are unsubstantiated claims that this has led to lowered testosterone levels in men.


  3. If there is any chance of ceding Bellanwila,while still having the marshlands beyond that’d be great.Also Godless and proud 😀


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