400000+ stares later

According to my stats, the number of views on this blog past the 400000 mark a few days/weeks/sometime back. This number is not the result of larger visitor numbers but a very odd leap in the views per visitor. It creates the delusion that there’s a demographic out there who can hold their noses long enough to endure more than one of my blog posts.

The biggest culprits behind making so many waste their time is Google and lately Twitter. Bing and Yahoo play a smaller part. All send eyeballs to posts I spat out centuries ago.

How to build a radar is the regular favourite. A close second is the long dead but still visited Top 100 Sri Lankan blog posts “project”. Competing with it is the lesbian billboard post which baffles me to this day.

There’s a few more regulars but they are scattered over a wide swath of posts. Over the years I have excreted 674 posts (675 with this one). Surprisingly a lot of them get a steady dribble of views. But the number of people who hang around to sniff some more is a new thing. It’s particularly odd since I’m down to a post a month. Perhaps its the some sort long tail thing similar to something Wired once described.

The mystery is only of idle fascination at a time when being idle is a privilege. I’ll leave it to those analytics obsessed search engine people to ponder it.

The most useful part of this mystery is an excuse to write something easy to placate the voices (they are suddenly on my case). Perhaps they think I should brag a little with all those navel gazing self referencing links.

Some could claim that this post a desperate futile gasp for relevance of a dying blog. True only if I was of any relevance in the first place.

It seems every post I try to write comes overloaded with muttering about the lack of time ect ect. In find that utterly tiring. Time is an illusion of course and I remain as deluded as ever.

I was hoping to end this with a non sequitur but the last paragraph is what came out. Thank you for reading this far anyway.


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