Twitteroff : Social media fasting

Social media fasting, is basically some form of abstinence from social media.

For me it means avoiding interacting on twitter – which I’ve done for the past few days. The tweeple I follow are too informed and interesting to drop it completely. Another hurdle is the dangerously addictive 55 word Sri Lankan Stories project.

The rest is easier to drop. Life’s priorities squeezed out blog browsing into an occasional luxury long ago. My once a month blog posts makes social media fasting the default for the blog. The Facebook page was set up to be abandoned on auto pilot anyway.

I’ve noticed two clear benefits from my recent Social media fast.

  1. I didn’t waste time firing off my predictably mindless tweets.
  2. Distraction control: a glance at the twitter feed doesn’t wash away focus on the present moment with pecking supposedly witty retorts at other people’s tweets.

This social media fast has turned out to be an act of stepping back to prioritise how I use social media. It remains low in my personal priorities. Within that de-prioritised sub set is a renewed importance on writing something that takes more than 140 characters without verbose padding. Hopefully it will be readable and interesting. Perhaps even meaningful. Knowing what the voices spew that’s a hard call. Yet it has to be done.

At a larger scale I found the whole process refreshing. After several years of being in it, I can’t shake off an over whelming sense of valueless-ness in social media (asides from flaming a few revolts). Obviously such a superficial statement is exactly the kind of thing that perpetuates this sentiment. Perhaps at the end of this social media fast, I should aim not to contribute to such sentiments.

For some, unplugging from social media has professional consequences. Deborah Sweeney has a more balanced take on the topic about a balanced approach to social media fasting.

Have you considered a social media fast? What keeps you from doing it? The comment box awaits.


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