Odd bugger machan, odd bugger

He was in your batch no?
Poosa’s batch. On the under 18 team.
Remember that away game in Kurunegala? The bugger didn’t put money for a hooker.
Bugger saved you buggers from getting AIDS!
Tight bugger no?
Bugger is a pansy machan.
The head cop used the bugger after practices. That’s how the bugger went pansy.
I don’t know machan, he’s now always with some hot NGO chick.
How? You saw the bugger?
At some bullshit arty farty thing. Had to go or I won’t get any for the whole week.
Weren’t you banging that hot secretary of yours?
Was machan – she got married to some shit in the UK.
Machan, you should come to the old plaza with us during lunch. Like the old days.
May be we should catch up with the bugger. Bugger might lend us one of his NGO chicks.
Machan, no point wasting time with frozen Aappa. They only talk to wine sniffing pansies like him.
Those chicks talk too much.
What does the Bugger do these days?
Some boru suddha NGO thing. Bugger got a scol to some arty uni in the states. He was here during the Tsunami and got hooked up with a lot of foreign NGOs. Now the bugger gets grant dollars while we have to run after bloody politicians for bloody rupees.
Speaking of running – guess who I saw running past the office yesterday – Poosa. Bugger was in a mara hurry.
Bugger must be going to that place with the Bulgarian girls.
Why go so far? That Thai place is near the bugger’s office no?
Bugger says the blows are the best.
Bugger also likes blonds.
Bugger should take his pansy batch mate there to cure him.
Those NGO pansies can’t be cured machan.
Poosa can machan.
If he stops chasing every chick he sees.
Now that bugger machan, is a very good bugger.

Yes, new year party time is a good time for eaves droppers like me. Of course my professional ethics will ensure locatable specifics are blurred to hide the guilty. I’ll let you imagine the drunk old boys leaning back in their plastic chairs. Their table creaking with empty Jonnie Walker Reds, coke bottles and empty plates of oily bites.

Incase you are wondering, “machan” is used 9 times and “bugger” is used 23 times in the above “conversation”. That must surely beat the world record for a blog post with those two words.

Happy blogging in 2014 (for the handful of us old buggers who still do it).


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