How I used to plan blog posts

The image at the end of this post is from a different reality. A time when I actually had chunks of time to sit back, reflect and sketch out blog posts. A sharp contrast to the now. Where sentences are born in random moments and mentally strung together in the shower over months. Typically when ever some minutes can be stolen from life’s practical priorities: in the shower, on the throne, at red lights, when put on hold.

The same process applies to pecking out the words out of the head and into the phone. Again a few sentences at a time spaceed across months. Editing is a combination of tedium and a nightmare. Such are the demands of the voices that must be obeyed. What amazes me is that anything vaguely coherent is excreted from this process. Writing is indeed a mysterious process.

Incidentally, the sketch below was for the post on Sri Lankan coffee culture back in 2008. The sketch book is the same one used for the hand written blog posts post. Note the contrast between the “public” and “private” foul scratch.

There is a satisfying difference between then and now. Now I actually enjoy reading them my own writing. Even with those cringe inducing typos and proof reading errors. Amazing no?Such is the flow of life. What is created in the latrine trench of desperation feels like an accomplishment no matter how crude and silly it is.

Has the way you write/blog changed in the last few years?

Mind Map of Blog Post
Mind Map of a Blog Post

4 thoughts on “How I used to plan blog posts

  1. You actually took the trouble to plan? I never did anything like that but certain ideas were refined a lot in my mind before being put out. Now its trying to get the words out, sometimes inelegantly, sometimes incoherently. I wonder if thats why I have lost my readership?


    1. Well that was in the “old” days when I took this blogging thing a bit too seriously 🙂 plus I had more time than I realised.

      You write quite well. Certainly better than me. If you have a dip in readership isn’t due to bad writing. I think there’s a general drop in long form online reading since social media platforms like twitter and FB went “mainstream”.

      Also you case, a lot of your blog posts are deeply frightening at a subconscious level. You calmly point out things that no one wants to acknowledge but know in their gut to be true. I know because I’ve been quite shaken by some of your posts to wen admit it.

      Basically very few want to be told that the lights at both ends of the tunnel are headlights of oncoming trains. Reality is just too scary. That’s why escapism packaged as positivism sells so well.

      But that I hope doesn’t discourage you for writing. 😀


  2. Me frightening?


    Funnily enough, I’m actually planning a really BIG one: the total doomsday scenario. Its too complex to handle alone so I’m trying to brainstorm a few ideas with friends to refine my thoughts.


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