My new look

Its been a while. Which in itself, justifies the change. Nearly 5 years since I last did it. Perhaps I should have waited another month. But I’m tired of anniversaries and impatient.

As you can see, the progression to the minimal continues. The emphasis is now squarely on what is written. Though the “meta” stuff is still available in the footer. Perhaps its bit too austere? As I fold into my decaying years I prefer it that way. The only look that matters now is readability. So I chose Syntax.

I must admit I will miss the old Vigilance theme (pictured in this post).. has “retired” it. I too need to get with the times. At the time I thought it too was a foray into the minimal. Looking back I feel it has a lot of of “sidebar” fluff.

Picking the new theme took an annoying long time. Time I really don’t have. Forcing the neglect of so many important things. As was well as non essential urges like actually finishing this month’s post quota. I thought a good old “I’ve changed my WordPress theme” post would be easy to write. But picking the theme became an exercise in thinking too much about trivialities. What fun it was. Futile escape in the most frivolous indulgent ways.

Any way, here’s my parting shot at Vigilance.
Vigilance theme screen shot

To add to the look down history, its predecessor
Cerno with the old Garland wordpress theme

and Cerno’s baby picture from 2008
Cerno - the pre marital look

8 thoughts on “My new look

  1. Whoa, never knew about the first theme. 😀 Cerno in black, how that?

    I like the new theme. Sites across the internet seem to be embracing the Medium-esque approach to content. 😀 #theborg


    1. I’d have gone for a lighter coloured minimal theme with decent typography if I could have found one. Don’t particularly care for the dark header but vut tu do no?


      1. Glad you like it 🙂 The Syntax side menu as a too clunky for my taste. What browser were you using ? Not that it matters now 🙂


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