Sri Lanka Presidential Election 2015 Conspiracy theories

Sri Lanka’s game of thrones is nearing another season finale. A renegade lord has come out of the shadows. He gathers his troops against his former master, the king. Their manoeuvres thicken the air with talk of wild conspiracies. The traditional rumour pot froths madly. So here’s a really wild one from that pot.

The rebel is a Trojan horse. Sent by the king to sabotage the opposition by running a loosing campaign. Should he win, he will appoint the king as newly empowered prime minister. Reduce the presidency to a toothless head of state. A pantomime in the name of another new era of national reconciliation, national unity and national etc.

Whether the renegade is a plant or not will become obvious after the election. If he is hauled away on corruption charges he was the genuine article. If he is spared, the Trojan horse theory is true.

From here the theories get nuttier. So nutty that I’ll have to get drunk just to type them up. A terrible waste of alcohol. So I won’t bother.

Naturally this is all pure speculation. I rest my irrelevant vote in the wisdom of my fellow Sri Lankan voters. It does not give me much hope.

I grew up in a culture where government was seen through the framework of ancient Mahavamsa and Culavamsa kings. Government as a paternalitic feudal monarchy. Emanating harsh and mysterious whims – supposedly for the “good” of the country. Law and order was maintained by the fear of terrible punishments. In short, a view of government and politics as far from what Jack Point describes in his post Democracy, constitutions and politicians: what citizens need to know.

Royal family is too entrenched to give up power without shedding blood (assuming the above is untrue). As things stand they will hold the palace. Kill and buy who they need to make that happen. The BBS, rabid as ever, has already slithered out of its nest.

Lately I have grown to fear speculation. Its takes the pessimism of experience and paints nightmares. Particularly bad since the stories I have heard over the years. I prefer to think that whatever happens, who ever win, we will be ok. Sri Lanka will not (despite what far away analysts think), become a Somalia, a Pakistan, or some other third world hell hole.

That’s not too much to ask no?

Ps, I’ve never actually watched the Game of Thrones. All I know about it comes from this honest trailer video.


3 thoughts on “Sri Lanka Presidential Election 2015 Conspiracy theories

  1. Once there was an Hawaiian king whose hobby was collecting thrones, which he stored in the attic of his hut. Unfortunately, this hobby became an obsession, and greed got the better of him, when the weight of the thrones in the attic caused the grass structure to collapse. The thrones ended up falling upon the king, killing him instantly.
    The moral of this story: “Those who live in grass houses shouldn’t stow thrones.”


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