What did the Turkey do ?

The US president “pardons” a “thanks giving” Turkey each year. Which raises the question : what was the Turkey convicted of? A pardon is by definition :

“The action of forgiving or being forgiven for an error or offence”.

For a pardon to occur, the Turkey’s guilt in committing some sort of “error or offence” must be proven. So what was the Turkey’s crime? How was its guilt established? Was evidence presented? What kind of legal representation dos the bird have? Was a grand jury involved?

The answer to these questions is silence. No one seems to care. Or do I sense that there’s a certain unspoken discomfort? An awkwardness about eating animals breed and killed on an industrial scale. Leaving a vegetarian who doesn’t like animals to raise the stink.

The pardoned bird is unable to fulfil its purpose for being. Getting eaten by humans. It is denied pride of place on the presidential dinner table. Instead it will keel over in an year due to obesity related health problems. Brought on by the weight gain diet it was fed during its life time.

A cruel end indeed. Which brings a back the original question. What did it the Turkey do to suffer such a fate ?


3 thoughts on “What did the Turkey do ?

  1. You mean Tissa Attanayake? Who gives a damn. We’re better off peckers and frogs!

    As for the bird, I truly feel sad after reading your post mate. It’s a shame indeed.


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