Video : Temple Trees reacts to election result – possible visualisation

Video of the possible situation in the Führer bunker under template trees. Hilarious piece of satire. Some of the captions are quite long. Pausing to read them is worth while. Possible the best version of the Hitler rant meme I’ve seen in a long time. I usually don’t post youTube stuff people send to me but this one’s a hoot.

Laughs aside none of this will I think have any impact on the final out come. The voters who will tip the balance will be the ones making their own minds. Based on their own realities.



  1. comparisons to hitler are usually a sign of intellectual bankruptcy and desperation. especially silly unsuitable ones in poor taste; obviously my3 supporters think big pussy child killer was some heroic churchill figure and that my3 is amercans(or is its stalin?) defeating hitler. lol


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