2 Sri Lankan bloggers worth your time

One is a photographer. The other is a poet. Each I feel has a rare mastery of her medium. Your attention to their work will be well rewarded.

The photographer is Aamina Nizar. I blogged about her years ago. She sort of “went” off line for a while. She’s back with a new WordPress.com blog. The photography is literarily mouth watering. If you are trying to contain your gastronomic lusts (dieting) I suggest you brace yourself. All those shots of tarts, cakes and other high calorie sins will test you. If that’s too much of a trial I suggest her views of Ladakh in her previous blog as a starting point.

The poet is Shailee Wick. Her poetry blog has regularly been at work since 2012. But I only found it this year. A treasure of a find. Her words are heavy artillery rounds fired with the precision of a master sniper. In my opinion it took Bukowski a life time of boozing and brawling to pack this kind of punch. The themes of her work broadly reminds me of the recently rejuvenated Green Tea Diaries.

Enough introductions. Go visit these blogs yourself. Tell them that I (and the voices in my head) said Banzai! Banzai! Banzai!


9 thoughts on “2 Sri Lankan bloggers worth your time

  1. Thanks so much Cerno! I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog. This is the second time you have posted about me and I am really honoured. Thanks again!

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