My teenage modelling days – the only photo left

I used to model as a teenager. This photo is the only evidence left of that work. No doubt my best work. Though mistreated by sloppy photography. But that’s ok. I had great fun doing it. My parents and relatives were supportive. Most of my friends didn’t think much of it. I didn’t care. I loved getting lost in the details of the work. Deep down that’s really what modelling is all about.

The more you do it the more obsessive you get with the details. Getting the scale, colours and accessories right become physiological needs. The high of getting it right is beyond words. Yes at this point it’s beyond logic. Just fun.

The photo is of a 1/32 scale Fieseler Fi 156 Storch. A liaison aircraft. Not some fancy fighter. Rommel used to fly one. It was one of the largest I ever modelled. I remember lavishing it with ridiculous dedication. Cutting strips of brown paper to make seat belts. Delicately painting the instrument panel to bring out the incised detail. Topped off by the harrowing process of masking required to paint the frames of the cockpit windows.

This particular bird was special to my modelling “career”. Its the first one that I painted using spray paints. Brought by a kindly relative returning from a trip abroad. Just a few small cans. RLM grey and two greens. That did create some heart ache. I badly wanted to use desert colours to create Rommel’s aircraft. Aside from the colours I didn’t have details of the markings. The historically accurate markings of Rommel’s aircraft is a slippery subject – even with all the info online. I did say details were everything no?

As far as my modelling went, I was interested mainly in air craft. Rare/obscure late WW2 Luftwaffe propeller birds were my passion. I did build a few ship models. At least 1 tank. Yet “diorama” modelling was never my thing.

Looking back, my modelling days are a faint blur of memory. All I have is a faint after glow of being lost in my private world. Away from the pressures of the one around me. My interests have moved on. So is the luxury of time in generous chunks to indulge in such fun. It almost feels like a privilege.

Did/do you model as well? if so – send some links to photos/posts about it.


4 thoughts on “My teenage modelling days – the only photo left

  1. Wow! A man of many talents.

    I was no good at handwork, getting partway down an Airfix kit was the best and that with support from others. Once we got the fuselage and wings fixed we rarely went into further detail and never painted anything, despite the paint being included.


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