Twitteroff – what a Twitter fast looks like

This is day what ever of my Twitter fast. Which began when I deleted the Twitter app on my phone sometime last week. The result feels odd.

The most obvious is the lack of social media “snacking”. How to fill those odd idle minute or two? The ones too long for stillness yet not enough for any task however short. Twitter was the only social media platform I have been active on. Two blog posts a month isn’t “active”. So I’ve resorted to tinkering with whatever I’ve been writing. A sentence here. A word there. Not too different from the way I’ve been writing (or trying to).

On the positive side, I feel happier. Because I’m now totally cut off from the news. I gave up TV a while back. Newspapers even earlier. The radio was long ago abandoned to audio books. Twitter was the last bridge between me and tales of sorrow from the outside world (the news).

The news is an incident centric medium. Bad news (preferably tragic and therefore urgent) is the only viable thing that fits into its 24 hour cycle. The thing that makes people look up and see the advertising. Burning this last bridge cuts my attention from the misery of the world. Which I’m too stupid and powerless to change. I’m not longer the most informed of the latest viral, hash tagged bang. But the silence lets me focus on the positive closer at hand.

There is a downside. I avoided dealing with for as many paragraphs as possible. I feel cut off from the wit of a certain social crowd. Most or at least some who find the odd things I say worth retweeting. A group outside my real life social circle of “sensible people”. If good, “sensible”, “normal” people who if they heard my muttering about Cthulhu or cynical utterances about the inner workings of the Pro @himalkk Faction… Never mind. I’d rather not think about that.

It’s being cut off from a part of my social world that will get me back on Twitter. It won’t be via the phone. I’ll have to decide how uninformed I want to be of the latest viral insanity. Tweeted news tends to have a depressing focus that I’m increasing unable to handle. Not to mention the madness into which the politics of the U.S is descending. It’s not I what I want to deal with on a my phone. If all else fails and I go back to phone based Tweeting, at least I got a blog post out of this.


5 thoughts on “Twitteroff – what a Twitter fast looks like

  1. The problem with twitter is that it relies on quick communication, short messages and a really hard-to-follow layout.

    If you want to discuss current events, go to message boards. Their layout makes reading. replying and following far easier to read. I’ve seen some interesting discussions back in the day. Facebook and Twitter may be more popular, but blogs and forums are where it’s at.


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