Asterix in Ceylon (Taprobane) – viii things to note

Don’t get hot under the collar by its disregard for the historical. It’s hilarious. Sri Lankan Asterix fans, will love this. Here are a 6 points to keep in mind about this impossible to find book:

Asterix e Obelix
Image credit:
Graphic by Marcos PiccinCC Licence

  1. Oblix looks quite dignified in a Kandiyan Nilame kit. It doesn’t make him look fat at all (even though this does start yet another red faced bout between the two friends).
  2. Annius Plocamus, an historical Roman who actually visited Sri Lanka in the first century A.D appears as a minor character. The pasta shop he founded is still run by his descendants in Negombo.
  3. Getafix is unrecognisable as a Buddhist monk
  4. Ekonomikrisis, the Phoenician merchant is there of course (not off course) to ferry our friends to the island.
  5. Yes yes we encounter the inevitable pirates on the way. The only predictable part of the whole book which gives a slight sinking feeling.
  6. Dogmatix’s delight at Sri Lankan tree worship is quite cute
  7. Wild boar hunting in scene has some interesting references to obscure elements of modern Sri Lankan “history”
  8. Tea is described as a key ingredient in a British variant of magic potion. Asterix fans will like this explicit reference to Asterix in Britain.

There’s just a preview. I’m sure you are dying to read this rare Asterix book. So am I. I’ve only seen it lying around in the room inside my head. The many voices that lounge around are always reading it. At this rate I’ll never get to read it my self. If you do, hope I cam borrow your copy for a day.

But seriously – think about what a great story idea it would be. What would you think the plot line would be. Give it a thought. The comment box awaits.


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