Handwritten blog post about writing

I scrawled some thoughts on writing on paper. Don’t know when or why. It took some scratching around. But here it is. I think it sums up what I feel about “writing” after banging out a blog since 2007. It also epitomises what I feel about Nibble Writing.

Photo of handwritten blog post: The text reads: Finding the time to write when you don't have any requires two qualities. Resourcefulness and efficiency. Both forces discipline into your writing ethic. Otherwise no writing happens.

Photo of handwritten blog post: I don't have the time to write That is not a complaint. It is an acknowledgment of fact. A fact that made my writing the kind I enjoy reading. It may have made me a better writer. Or at least a better disciplined one.


4 thoughts on “Handwritten blog post about writing

  1. I think those two images should have been posted as they are, without any commentary. They are strong enough to stand as a blog post as far as I am concerned.

    (What terrible writing you have, but interesting as almost all of it is in capital and the ‘I’s are serifed!)

    I think it is a good example of how you can still write and blog, and manage to convey your thoughts with whatever you have to hand, a scrap of paper or a receipt.

    I am looking forward to seeing your postcards here, if you write while on holiday.

    Who will you address them to? The Readers, Cerno Blog, The Internet.

    Will it get here and how much postage?


  2. Thank you 🙂 My handwriting is far worse. I write in “block” letters to cling on to some semblance of legibility. Years of keyboarding has reduced my handwriting to an illegible scrawl. Predictive text + typing is faster than handwriting. Trying to get handwriting to match that pace only leads to scribbles.

    I did think about an image only post. But for the sake of accessbility I transcribed the text for the alt tags of both images (form screen readers). That made me feel a bit of context would help.

    Most of the time I don’t hand write. It’s a paint to edit. I end up having to transcribe which is a horrid waste of time. Once transcribed I chuck the original paper (unless I wrote it in a note book).


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