Picture of Blog Decay

This is a picture of a decaying blog.

Creative statistical massage will get you the same conclusion via different paths. I used to consider it a miracle if I made two posts a month. Now one a month is a challenge.

Yet the bigger miracle is that I still get traffic. Most of those who turn up stay around. It peaks on week days. Dives in the weekend. The pattern holds steady each year.

It is the third paragraph so high time I blamed something someone for this decline. The lack of time. The grind of life. All the easy familiar rants. True only if you prefer the truth in fragments. I prefer to look at facts. The fact is that I manage to find time to peck the keys. Thanks to Nibble Writing I don’t have to compete with the commitments of survival to type this nonsense. The proof: the number of times I peck away at available seconds. The voices are drowning me with floods of ideas. Most don’t last a paragraph. But they lead to things that do. The proof: the number of drafts which refuse to die. Waiting for me to bow to the inevitable.

The culprit is an odd inner insistence on quality. From the flow of thoughts to culling of typos. It is an almost debilitating obsession. Every trip up of this insane language called English is unacceptable.

Every typo, grammatical fumble, and wordy sentence stings. In the old days I don’t think of proof reading. Now I go over everything again and again. The zombie voice of text to speech reciting my atrocities back to me. Uncovering new horrors. Which must be corrected.

The old bugger is wallowing in self pity. Begging for an ego soothing pat on his lice infest head you think. I applaud you cynicism. A rare virtue in any era. From this side of the screen, the motive is not dire. I’ve been stirring the pot on a few posts. They won’t be ready before the month dies. So here you are, reading a navel gazing post. Aimed at appeasing The Voices by shoving something through the hatch for the month. So inhold my snout and hit “publish”.

What have you got cooking in the drafts of your blog? Something better no doubt.


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