What are you blogging about?

I got too many unfinished posts lounging around the drafts folder. It’s the nature of Nibble Writing. Easier to start and keep tinkering than to finish. An example : the “story” of a train delay and its possible political fall out. It has sprouted too many versions. Needing much delayed hard fisted editorial focus.

On the desolate fiction front, the stump of a story which I hope will stay short. Just first paragraphs so far. They have been tinkered to death. But it won’t die. Prompting further tinkering.

Further down the list, a stale rant about the need for dullness in democracy. While admitting that such a trait attracts a fatal complacency. Or something like that.

The post about Katharagama is held up for fear of offending Gods. So is the brash post about statues and idolatry in what passes for Buddhism in Sri Lanka these days.

Towards the foot of the list: undeleted dead posts. A mumble about “identity”. It labours on for paragraphs. The last is a stale attack piece on a mid tier politician. I should have deleted it years ago. That draft will never see the light of day. I haven’t deleted them in honour of the time I burnt writing them.

Such “editorial” type posts feel flat. At least that’s what The Voices tell me. I agree. That sort of writing also takes more time to do well. There are others who do it better. Still The Voices insist I write such things on and off. Then give up in the face of the obvious.

A new post that does cause some excitement is a follow up to a Trishaw war post. Not yet beyond the first paragraph. So lot of cooking ahead.

The current priority is getting the first post for February out on time. The writing’s done. Just the chore of finding the right links. Not the most fun part of blogging. So I thought I’ll procrastinate by writing this.

I know that blogging is no longer the “in” thing these days. But I those of use who still peck the keys do so because of other reasons.

So, what are you tinkering on?


9 thoughts on “What are you blogging about?

  1. Actually, English bloggers used to have a great time a few years ago. Now people have just moved on with their lives. However, Sinhala blogging has picked up bit time and the bloggers even have award ceremonies every year, like real one πŸ™‚
    And no, I don’t read them coz it takes forever for me to finish reading something in Sinhala. But I know people who follow these blogs.


  2. My blog continues to be an outlet for wearing my heart on my sleeve. Occasionally I might address something that is more global but with the current state of the world, why bother?! πŸ˜›


  3. Certainly do remember the dramatic days of the SL blogosphere. Glad you are still writing while most of us only come back to read. I do still keep my blog though my posts have become fewer with every passing year.


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