10 years a blogger

I posted my first post on this blog a ten years ago today. Since then I managed to squeeze out posts on a regular basis. Twenty in month when I was time rich. One a month at my current ebb. Ten years of regular practice should improve any activity. The only improvement I admit to is learning to enjoying reading my own writing.

I did not bother considering the possibility until other humans said they liked what I wrote. The realisation had a slow dawn. Brought about by a build up of supportive comments by other bloggers over the years. I am grateful for the jolt of realisation they brought about. To name a few from a very long list Jack Point, David Blacker, The Drummer, Janith, Chamira, systemoad, Kirigalpoththatha.

The future as usual remains uncertain. I’ll blog till I can no more. wordpress.com is home to this blog. I’ll go from where when wordpress.com goes.

Anniversaries are a traditional excuse for listing significant outcomes. Blogging brought me surprising benefits. Even my own scepticism will let me notice the main ones:

  • my workplace writing became focused, clearer and direct without being rude
  • filter coherent statements/ideas out of a herd of scattered thoughts and realisations
  • developed a sanity saving life hack for writing that works amidst the madness of the every day

A decade of blogging brings out an inevitable question. Has this blog become "better"? I think it has. The Voices in My Head always find something to whine about from their cushions. My basic bit of proof reading must have got me few millimetres into the upper levels of mediocrity from its lower depths.

I don’t gauge this blog by the criteria of "professional" blogging. The writing and the content is too sub conscious and weird. Any insights gained from reading this are unintentional. This blog’s sole function is to be a space for flushing out the mutterings I hear between my ears. A practice that lets me survive the madness of life. By that criteria this blog is a roaring success. I got the people who read and comment on it to thank for that.

So thank you.


6 thoughts on “10 years a blogger

  1. Has it been 10 years since the Blogosphere was the rage? I miss those days. I used to pass many a day reading many blogs. I wonder what everybody is up to. I especially miss Darwin and T. So many bloggers who shared so much of their daily lives with us and now they have disappeared. It’s crazy how we invest so much into strangers! Happy blogoversary!


    1. Thank you 🙂

      It’s been more than a decade. Though 2006-09 was the peak I think.

      I’ve also wondered the same. A lot of the “old timers” are on shorter media like Twitter. Pity about the blogs. Quite a few were brutally honest. Made strangers familiar (at least to me) Some are still around.

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    I remember you said this exact thing to me once, long long ago when I completed 5 yrs of blogging as LD.
    It’s always wonderful to read your writing. 🙂

    Thank you for entertaining us.


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