Emergency bird sitter (jailer)

I was an emergency bird sitter over the weekend. Delighted offspring units told me my new status when I staggered home from work. The cage with it’s chirping prisoner was already on the living room floor. I was not delighted at all.

No idea what is was convicted off

As a vegetarian I don’t like animals. Beyond that, I feel that life forms do not belong in cages. Or locked up without charge in vast animal prisons like the one in Dehiwala. Or forced to “perform” for the “amusement” of us demented humans. I am unhappy about gawking at animals “in the wild”. I’m torn between the paparazzi like intrusion of their personal lives and my respect for wild life photography.

Such views mean that having a caged entity in my personal space is repulsive. Yet there are practical realities involved: not taking in the bird is good as killing it. My views on imprisoning non humans are unpopular. Mrs. Cerno is the only one I know who shares them (she had those view even before we met). Attempts to convince others have failed.

How the family got into this mess is too complex for words. The lack of a cat or dog in the house is one factor (the sight of a dog or cat will give the bird a fatal heart attack). The rest is one of those bizarre life situations you get ambushed with from time to time. The kind too funny and unbelievable for comedy. Even Mrs.Cerno, a supreme grand master ninja at getting out of difficult social situations, could not wiggle out of this one. So we resigned ourselves to the situation with the thought that it’s only for forty eight hours.

A hard forty eight hours. Poor bird. Seems happy in its cage. Fact that it’s “birdsong” is coming from a cage makes it misery to my ears. If the bird was singing perched on a tree it would music. Wonder what crime it committed was to get a life sentence. We will never know.


2 thoughts on “Emergency bird sitter (jailer)

  1. I too don’t like to see animals or birds caged. even when it comes to fish, I think it’s ok to have a goldfish in a tank because of it’s memory loss. Other than that, it breaks my heart to see them caged and suffocating. Birds I definitely feel fore. They should be free… in fact we use the phrase “As free as a bird” for a reason.

    Dogs, should not be chained or caged all the time. It’s a sin. Maybe they get used to it, but they can’t talk or communicate so we will never know how they feel.


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