Don’t just like it: like button alternative

Social media like buttons are conversation killers. They reduce engagement to a lazy gesture. Just grunt your approval and shuffle on. Each passing month reinforces that “feeling”. It is satisfying to see a few stars pop up after a post. Yet it indicates a barrier to conversation.

These days it seems to take more effort to converse. To exchange ideas without sneering. To disagree without rage and contempt. To evaluate what is said based on facts and the logic of an argument.

By now I am the grumpy old curmudgeon I would sound like. No matter. A decade of blogging taught me to appreciate civil discourse. Specially in an age where it’s rare. I won’t say that it’s dying. Just that a simple peck of the like button creates a sad silence.

I am guilty of the short coming I am whining about. So here a manifesto of acton: no more lazy likes. Instead I’ll do my best to say something accurate. Try to do the post the justice its quality demands. Above all, say it in a direct, positive and civil manner.

This is not about bringing back a “lost golden age” of Sri Lankan blogging (some would argue that there never was one). I’m not going to blame that the liked button killed the Sri Lankan blogosphere of old. Just a single old blogger’s decision to break an annoying trend.

If you care to join me in this, you know what to do.


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