Most self centred blog post you’ll ever read

I bet you have NEVER read one THIS self centred. I certainly haven’t. I don’t write such blog posts. But this “issue” is at the point where someone MUST say something. That someone is not me. So I end up writing this.

So what’s the fuss? If you ask me, “The Problem” is a silly hissy fit. The “solution” is that I should stay quiet. Why? Because the world does not revolve around me. Of course it doesn’t. But this issue is not about me. It’s about myself.

The Problem as I see it, is myself. Who I think is far too self centred. I am the one who ends up staying on the side lines watching myself take centre stage. I have tried to talk to myself about this in a civilised way. A futile act. It has lead to a string of regrettable exchanges. So yes there has been some minor collateral damage (smashed Kandiyan era furniture, some bullet holes in a few Rembrandts).

Yet no body seems to think that the fault lies in myself. It has lead me (a circumspect chap) to SAY (not suggest) that I have gone bonkers!! Can you fucking believe this shit!!?? Where -..

This is me. Had to take over this post. I was really going off the handle there. It is not normal for me to intervene like this. But this is not a normal situation. Good thing is that the relationship between myself and me is good. So you can trust me to fix this. May be this intervention should have happened a while back. But such is life. When shit hits the fan, it is alway up to me to sort out.

Why Me?!!

This whole saga is making me feel it is time for a good hard look at myself. Don’t you think so? The comment box awaits. Let me know what you think. We’ll keep this between you and me. I won’t know a thing. You won’t find me talking to myself either – about this or anything else.


Say something - you KNOW you want to

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