Evidence based policy making : biggest threat to Sri Lanka’s political system and other nutty thoughts stewing in the head

The voices in the head have been busy. Yet the holidays haven’t granted a breather to output the thoughts into words. The best I have managed are jottings in spare seconds scattered across the days. As usual what started as a single post keeps breeding more. The common theme dances around the foundational perceptions in Sri Lankan culture about politics, economics, and individual freedoms.

  • Why economic entrepreneurship is devalued in Sri Lankan culture
  • The toxic effect of political entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka
  • Evidence based policy making is the biggest threat to Sri Lanka’s political system

All of the above are just “theories”. Ideas that need testing with facts and data. They are the result a mental stewing. Which has two primary ingredients:

I thought the process of writing would help isolate and consolidate all this mental activity. At one level it has. Yet it has spewed other ideas. All requiring time to write in order to grapple with. The lack of uninterrupted time to do this is at times suffocating. Nibble writing isn’t helpful for this process as I thought.  I’m down to scrawling stuff on paper. Once side benefit is that I have learned to read my own handwriting.


Still one must not complain. I don’t see myself as an intellectual. My odd way to writing does not make me articulate. Just an odd busy fellow with too many diverse interests and reading habits that isn’t supported by the available time.

The point of all this is to test my assumptions though the act writing.

In the process get some sort of peace from the voices and the ideas they have. All I can hope for is peck away at it. The option of giving up or “forgetting” about it does not apply.

My hopes for coming the Gregorian calendar year (2018) include finding more time to write, the usual stuff about happiness and avoiding catastrophes.

I wish you the same. Thank you for reading.


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