Meethotamulla garbage mountain aftermath from Google Earth

It’s less than a year after the Meethotamulla garbage mountain collapsed. After the usual media flare, the tragedy has faded from the public minds-cape. Yet Mount Meethotamulla is still in the landscape refusing to go away.

Post collapse

Google Earth screen grab below show the post collapse spread. Which smothered communities and lives. The landslide blog has aerial photos by the Sri Lanka Air Force.
Meethotamulla garbage mountain aftermath from Google Earth

Pre collapse

Meethotamulla garbage mountain before collapse from Google Earth

For us who are beyond its stench, Mt Meethotamulla is a not another a piece in a pile of Sri Lanka’s tragedies. It is physical monument of a failure. The failure to sustain, if not create, a culture of accountability. Where evidence based policies and planning, not patronage politics, would let us manage our urban waste.

Life throws up enough crap to deal with. This particular heap is here to stay. Hence this futile blog post.


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