Deleting social media

This blog is my only social media output. Its purpose: flush words out of my head. All the others eg twitter were dopamine hits. Vampiring the ultimate non renewing resource:time.

Killing that vampire was easy. Just as delete the apps. This is different from a “social media fast“. It has the finality of giving up TV.

This post appears on twitter through . I remain logged out of Twitter.

There is no addiction language in this break. I just wanted to do other things. Killing the social media freed up the time.

What is won is the space to read two books at a time. One at dawn. Where the deep reading (notes/highlights) happen. The other before sleep. Something light and fun. At the moment a readable Ondaatje (The Cat’s Table). It’s light if you stay in it’s fog and avoid the literary analysis. There’s time to focus on Python. It’s shocking where you go if you got half an hour of focus a day.

The reading has become a form of listening. So typing has taken a back seat. In a rare miracle, the voices didn’t drawn their swords at me. I still found the minutes to bang out a post like this just in case they change their minds.

I admit missing the ego perk of firing off a snarky tweet. The banter. Tweeps who have stuff worth reading. The chance to discover an interesting link.

Against that is freedom from endless gush of bad news, tragedy, banal memes and spectator-ing futile arguments/flame wars. Escape from the constant pull of addiction designed currents. No more battles from the present moment.

Breaking those chains alone is treasure.





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