Sri Lanka’s politicians are the problem NOT the solution

Sri Lanka’s professional politicians are the cause, not the solution, to the country’s current catastrophe. They must ALL resign from politics. We must end the idea of politics as a profession. All of which might be harder to swallow than we think.

As a group, they made politics into a lucrative form of organised crime irrespective of party. It’s worsening grip perpetuated by political families who poisoned and continue to poison the concept of democracy: by using its processes as a sloppy feudal monarchy. It doesn’t help that the state bureaucracy they control was designed for looting and killing. Yes, sweeping statements – but you know that’s true deep in your heart. You’ve always known. But like all of us, you hoped that it wasn’t true.

So what are the solutions?

Never VOTE for professional politicians again

Many people around me would prefer to have them shot. Voting the thieves out is a punch punishment to their bloated egos. Then they can savour the bruise in the cold pond of rejection.

The current crop of thieves must resign rather than play musical chairs. They must ALL be banned from ever running for any elected office. Not even a dinner dance committee. That includes ALL their relatives. The ban must extend for the next two generations. Anyone who runs for office must prove they are not related or associated by social ties with past politicians.

If such a cleansed person gets elected, they automatically bar their relatives and extended family from politics for life. No more uncles and nephew parties. No person should ever hold political office for more than 3650 days (consecutive or otherwise).

Sounds harsh? That’s stage 4 cancer surgery. Removing decades of rot requires conditions that won’t perpetuate the same desiese with new faces. So please don’t even bother commenting about “losing talent” and citing a unicorn of an exception.

The cancer of politics as a profession must end.

Politics must instead become a short span of civic service like jury duty.

Yes that will take a lot of social cultural adjustment. So does giving up heroine or rehabilitating a wife beater.

Get our money back

Kicking out these thieves may be cathartic. First, however, we need to get back the money they stole over the last decades. That means a determined pursuit. Unfortunately, the minions who stole a few lakhs of dollars will have to get reprieves for working information. Equally unpleasant is that the process must sacrifice any vindictive joy from prosecutions to getting the money out of overseas bank heavens. The thieves won’t give it back. So we need to find it and take it back.

We both know that none of the above will happen. The current crop of thieves will prevail. To survive, the thieves will murder many people as they have in the past. As the catastrophe of Sri Lanka’s history proves, we’ll never learn.

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