Freedom from desire

My generation grew up with the wrong idea of freedom. Freedom meant fulfilling desires. The desire to watch porn instead of studying for mind-numbing exams. Escaping the tedious, stupid rules of Sri Lankan boys' schools. Having the pleasure of beating up the helpless - or the kick watching your cronies do it. It's the freedom … Continue reading Freedom from desire

5 easy laws of personal power my dog taught me

Nonverbal is the top dog of communication. Posture and facial expression are its power tools. Together they insert the outcomes you want into the minds of your audience. Then it's easier for them to accept what you wish to and impossible to ignore. The look is about looking people in the eye and always getting … Continue reading 5 easy laws of personal power my dog taught me

Suspicious rituals

I've been suspicious of rituals that permeate Sri Lankan life. It stems from a powerful lifelong inner conviction I've had since I was a child. The rituals around me - from dinner dances to school assemblies to pujas - were false, contrived, and manipulative. Deep down, I wanted nothing to do with them. So there … Continue reading Suspicious rituals

Gift COVID gave to me

It's feeling comfortable with not giving fuck about tribal affiliations and associated displays. It's accepting that I'm an introvert who prefers not to socialise as a detached fact - not a value judgment. I can play the extrovert for survival (which is what the job requires). Yet even at my chattiest, the inner introvert is … Continue reading Gift COVID gave to me

The first 268628 Words

In the last 711 days, I've written 268628 words. The quota is a minimum of 106 words a day. It started in December 2019. Despite gaps, the writing activity is one of the few anchors to my routine. I never expected to create such a word pile. Little of that output is for public consumption. … Continue reading The first 268628 Words