Are you Pro COVID or Anti COVID?

There is no going back to the pre-pandemic world. Because we are at war with a virus, it has only one aim - to reproduce. If the host dies or is cursed with health problems for life, it cannot care because the organism has no capacity for such concepts. Currently, the humans are split into … Continue reading Are you Pro COVID or Anti COVID?

What would you promise this kid?

Took this as the war was ending. He should be an adult or in his late teens now. The current economic mess doesn't offer him much explicit hope. At least the pre-pandemic era offered the promises of hope. The same poison that each generation feeds the next. I didn't make hopeful promises then. It's harder to … Continue reading What would you promise this kid?

COVID and the inner introvert

Pre-COVID, I thought I was an extrovert. It took a plague to kill that delusion. Not having to perform in the world of face to face interactions was a relief. I felt I no longer had to hold my inner breath anymore. I could admit to myself the insanity of the commute. Why go to … Continue reading COVID and the inner introvert

Good Weather Post

Good weather reminds me of the fragility of life. It’s not a pessimistic attitude. The fragility emphasises the privilege I have to relish such moments. Somewhere people freezing through blizzards. Trying to survive floods or walking endless drought-stricken kilometres for muddy drinking water. Weather changes suddenly, no matter what the meteorological soothsayers promise. It’s easy … Continue reading Good Weather Post

Paying the popularism tax

Sri Lankans are constantly paying a popularism tax. That tax takes many forms. Currently those forms are bitting deeper. Driving up the cost of survival. However it has alway bitten in less obvious ways. Look back into the blood bath of past history for all it manifestations. Despite the variation in the specifics, the pattern … Continue reading Paying the popularism tax