Books in the background

What you read says a lot of unsaid things about you. So I tend to snoop on people's bookshelves. This post covers some of the critical points. That was pre-COVID.  Now I have to rely on Zoom backgrounds. It's distracting in a meeting. Not the fake Zoom backgrounds - the real thing behind the person. The … Continue reading Books in the background

Processing July

July is a miserable month. It continues to be in new, unexpected ways. I've given up processing Sri Lanka's history or the current historical. Eight years ago, my father called Sri Lanka a "god forsaken country". I'm glad he's not alive to see his prophesies become historical face. Generations of privilege insulates most people I know … Continue reading Processing July

Dog injured

First time I've written a post with tears in my eyes. Me out of all people. A calm, cool, responsible adult during an economic depression. A vegetarian who dislikes animals. Except he's not an animal. He's family. The most simple guileless, loving soul I've encountered in my life. Referred to as "the third child" - … Continue reading Dog injured

Sri Lanka’s politicians are the problem NOT the solution

Sri Lanka's professional politicians are the cause, not the solution, to the country's current catastrophe. They must ALL resign from politics. We must end the idea of politics as a profession. All of which might be harder to swallow than we think. As a group, they made politics into a lucrative form of organised crime … Continue reading Sri Lanka’s politicians are the problem NOT the solution

Person responsible for Sri Lanka’s economic collapse

I didn't wish him a happy new year. How rude of me. In Sri Lankan culture, every mess and mishap is someone else's fault. The natural thing to do is blame the culprit. Sneer and yell at their face. It feels good. So here goes. He failed to persuade people around me to stop repeatedly … Continue reading Person responsible for Sri Lanka’s economic collapse