Truck Art – Traditional Sri Lankan Vehicle Graphics 2017

It’s been a while since my last post on Sri Lankan vehicle graphics. As with any element of Sri Lankan public culture, tradition demands that change happens an imperceptible pace. Giving the reassuring effect that nothing changes. Before the next storm kicks us in the face. The floral swirls of traditional Sri Lankan truck art … Continue reading Truck Art – Traditional Sri Lankan Vehicle Graphics 2017


Before skill becomes a talent

Drawing the human figure is not a talent. It is a hand-eye coordination skill. Systematic instruction and lots of focused practice will get any student drawing representations of the human form. Even a talentless shit like Cerno managed it. The proof is in the Flickr gallery at end of this post. Using skill to create … Continue reading Before skill becomes a talent

My Nationalist Paintings

I painted endless variations of the same sunset at school. The powers that be approved. I was capturing the offical ideology in pretty pictures. Celebrating beliefs we kids were expected to swallow without question. The pictures themselves looked harmless. The sky was always a lush water colour gradient. Descending from a fringe of deep evening … Continue reading My Nationalist Paintings

Stirring the painting

This painting is going no where. So some of the voices in my head moan from their cushions. True. There are layers and layers of paint and oil pastel and gel medium. A casualty of being the Sunday painter. With an occasional peck of the brush during the lone spare minute of a week night. … Continue reading Stirring the painting

Free Traditional Sinhala Motifs and Designs I added digitised drawings of traditional Sinhala designs and motifs to my Flickr account. They are licensed as public domain works. You can use them for any purpose without needing permission from me. Due to time constraints I haven’t been able to name them yet. That will be another project. So is cleaning these … Continue reading Free Traditional Sinhala Motifs and Designs

Can you explain this billboard ?

I think this is an incomplete bill board. Or its heavily encrypted with super secret symbolism readable only to cult members or symbologists. My regular commute doesn't take me on this route anymore - snapped it during the holiday scurrying around. So I'm not sure if its complete by now. If you can interpret what … Continue reading Can you explain this billboard ?

Naked women pictures in blog post

The end of the year is upon us so it's time a good time to shed some inhibitions. With this mind I thought I should unleash some nudity at the flesh starved masses of the Sri Lankan blogosphere. The prudish among you can click away though I KNOW you won't. The show starts with the … Continue reading Naked women pictures in blog post