My Nationalist Paintings

I painted endless variations of the same sunset at school. The powers that be approved. I was capturing the offical ideology in pretty pictures. Celebrating beliefs we kids were expected to swallow without question. The pictures themselves looked harmless. The sky was always a lush water colour gradient. Descending from a fringe of deep evening … Continue reading My Nationalist Paintings


Painting again

Painting again after a long lapse. Began the night before in a bout of what felt like desperation. Grabbed the old drawing book and lathered it with old oil pastels. Last night after several frustrating attempts a flicker of hope. Felt like resuscitating an old pickup truck that was left in the weeds for two long. … Continue reading Painting again

Fantasy bus

Western fantasy theme vehicle graphics are rare in Sri Lanka. The image below shows the only one I have ever seen. It would seem that Anura Advertising (the most frequent credit seen on bus art work in Sri Lanka) is diversifying its themes. The composition in this example seems to be more unified than the … Continue reading Fantasy bus

Guardian Deity, Borella

Image below is of a poster advertising the temple of the village guardian (Gambara) deity referred to as the "Suniyam" God. Not sure about the meaning of the "Siddha" in the title. Click on the image for more translations of the lettering. The village guardian title seems ironic since the temple is located in Borella … Continue reading Guardian Deity, Borella

War memorial on wheels

Snapped this bus with military teemed graphics while the war was still going on. At first glance it looks like other military themed vehicle graphics on Sri Lankan buses. There's the usual blurred edge montage of military motifs in the familiar the third world Photoshop style. With the end of fighting this sort of artwork … Continue reading War memorial on wheels

Hotel Romeo – motel sign design Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's motel signs are clearly under the influence of the Photoshop assisted Hindi film poster montage look. The samples below Click on the images for translations) will give you an idea of the style.  It inadvertently bears parallel sensibilities to the Hikaduwa School of Design with a lowered emphasis on the individual uniqueness. The … Continue reading Hotel Romeo – motel sign design Sri Lanka

Rare powerful Sri Lankan sculpture

Image below shows (with close up details) of a rare powerful piece of non religious public sculpture in Sri Lanka. Rare in that it is NOT embarrassing to look at. It actually communicates a human emotion that touches a suspicious nut like me who is sceptical about everything — including cynicism. Non religious monumental art … Continue reading Rare powerful Sri Lankan sculpture