Panorama: Geoffrey Bawa’s 33rd lane house roof top

The only evidence of my clandestine visit to Geoffrey Bawa’s Colombo house at No 11, 33rd lane is the panorama pictured below. Its made up of photos I quickly shot from the upper level of the roof top terrace - “The Tower” as its called. An interactive version is on my profile at - … Continue reading Panorama: Geoffrey Bawa’s 33rd lane house roof top

Geoffrey Bawa’s Lunuganga chariot

Found this old possibly bullock drawn carriage tucked way in the semi-underground storage garage at Geoffrey Bawa's Lunuganga. Also sharing the garage was a sawn off trishaw which fans might recall being pictured in numerous books about Bawa G. This cart/carriage is a bit of a mystery. Possible an ancestral Bawa remnant or a nick … Continue reading Geoffrey Bawa’s Lunuganga chariot

Bawa Gardens Sri Lanka

Dominic has co authored (no doubt gloriously photographed) "The Bawa gardens of Sri Lanka" - a new book about two legendary Sri Lankan gardens. Namely Geofry Bawa's Lunuganga and his Brother Bevis's "Brief" garden. The book will no doubt fill a long standing void in documenting the common aesthetic sensibility that links the two Bawa … Continue reading Bawa Gardens Sri Lanka

Lunuganga bells

Geoffrey Bawa's Lunuganga garden is an emphatic celebration of bells - specifically out door bells. According to the book "Lunuganga" there are 14 bells scattered through out the garden Each a fusion of symbolism and utility. Every Lunuganga bell has a distinctive sound. I was told that Geoffrey Bawa used the bells to indicate his … Continue reading Lunuganga bells

Updated directions to Bevis Bawa’s Brief gardens

I updated my post with a map to Bevis Bawa's Brief gardens. Added images of the landmarks mentioned in the map along with some comments about them. However the information on that post is now more than an year old. I have not been able to go that way since mid July 2007. Things may … Continue reading Updated directions to Bevis Bawa’s Brief gardens