11 years a blogger

This “blog anniversary” is about the now. The back links to the original “Hello World” has the history of how I got here. Plus the tributes to those who inspired me along the way. The future, as always is a fog. What’s “real” is the continuing need to write what the voices in the head tell … Continue reading 11 years a blogger

10 years a blogger

I posted my first post on this blog a ten years ago today. Since then I managed to squeeze out posts on a regular basis. Twenty in month when I was time rich. One a month at my current ebb. Ten years of regular practice should improve any activity. The only improvement I admit to … Continue reading 10 years a blogger

9th blog aniversary

9th blog anniversary post

Kick ass poetry worth checking out

I avoid poetry as a survival instinct. There are a few poets that make the exception. Bukowski for one. Green Tea diaries is another. The first is dead. The second is not as prolific as she used to be. Thankfully there's the latest member of the trinity "Life that Demands to be Noticed". I've blogged … Continue reading Kick ass poetry worth checking out

Happy 10th birthday kottu.org

According to my calculations Sri Lankan Blog aggregator kottu.org is 10 years old today! The domain name was first registered on March 17, 2005 though that's not an indication of a "launch date". Kottu.org has certainly come a long way it lurched onto the scene. Some of us oldies certainly have fond memories of it. Head wear … Continue reading Happy 10th birthday kottu.org