New Look 2

A new theme in less than a month. Not a very good trend. Last time there was a 5 year gap between such changes. The problem with being a minimalist is that small things end up mattering. Specially when there isn't clutter. I loved the typography of the previous Syntax theme. What got me were … Continue reading New Look 2

My new look

Its been a while. Which in itself, justifies the change. Nearly 5 years since I last did it. Perhaps I should have waited another month. But I'm tired of anniversaries and impatient. As you can see, the progression to the minimal continues. The emphasis is now squarely on what is written. Though the "meta" stuff … Continue reading My new look

Four years of blogging (1462 days later)

Right after the anniversary of our Independence Day comes another. This blog is four today. Anniversaries, like new year’s days are generally Janus moments. We being liners perceivers of time, we tend to look backwards and forwards. A few like Chavie points out some fundamental facts about the here and now. The fourth year of … Continue reading Four years of blogging (1462 days later)

Change of editorial ownership

This blog is now the official media outlet for the Association of Voices in Cerno's Head (AVCH). It is a result of the AVCH seizing a 50.1% of the editorial control of this blog in a palace coup. The action was approved unanimously at their AGM. In typical AVCH fashion these decisions we passed behind … Continue reading Change of editorial ownership

First 1000 days of blogging

1000 days have passed since I posted my first blog post - thanks to the day counter for the data. I know there's been a slew of "anniversary" posts lately and I sound like a pathetic blogger boasting for affirmation. I don't mind if this comes across as boasting. I don't see yet another chronological … Continue reading First 1000 days of blogging