How Sri Lanka’s constitutional crisis mindset is in all of us

A take on what Sri Lanka’s constitutional crisis (circa late 2018) says about an inner Sri Lankan cultural psychological make up. This post is my attempt to make sense of it all in under three minutes.

Sri Lankan KGB

The KGB is well entrenched in Sri Lanka with all the qualities of halal bacon. Full details are in blog post.

Guardian Deity, Borella

Image below is of a poster advertising the temple of the village guardian (Gambara) deity referred to as the "Suniyam" God. Not sure about the meaning of the "Siddha" in the title. Click on the image for more translations of the lettering. The village guardian title seems ironic since the temple is located in Borella … Continue reading Guardian Deity, Borella

Reincarnation through reading

Psychic's descriptions of Cerno's past births all had a familiar theme to them. All the "past lives" described had a link to a childhood book. Specifically a book which spawned yet another burning curiosity of about something obscure. The kind that haunts me to this day and creases foreheads when I'm stupid enough to make a … Continue reading Reincarnation through reading

Confronting mortality at Sunday lunch

Felt the glare of mortality during a Sunday lunch. I'd like to think this flicker of an experience might be a stepping stone to a greater understanding. Most likely I have been staring too long into my Elephant Ginger Beer (EGB)). The crowd is a bunch of "recently marrieds" (not newly). Practically everyone knows each … Continue reading Confronting mortality at Sunday lunch