Sri Lankan KGB

The KGB is well entrenched in Sri Lanka with all the qualities of halal bacon. Full details are in blog post.

Guardian Deity, Borella

Image below is of a poster advertising the temple of the village guardian (Gambara) deity referred to as the "Suniyam" God. Not sure about the meaning of the "Siddha" in the title. Click on the image for more translations of the lettering. The village guardian title seems ironic since the temple is located in Borella … Continue reading Guardian Deity, Borella

Isipathanaramaya Buddhist Temple Colombo Sri Lanka From Google Earth

Dominic has put up some great photographs of the stunning paintings and statues of this temple's image house. The artwork was carried out in the 1920s by an artist called Sarlis Master who I think is still unparalleled in this century. For the temple's location, here's the Wikimapia link. I couldn't find much about Isipathanaramaya … Continue reading Isipathanaramaya Buddhist Temple Colombo Sri Lanka From Google Earth

Donating artificial limbs to war veterans

Mallikarama Temple, Ratmalana held its monthly donation of artificial limbs to disabled war veterans on Saturday (24th Nov. 2007). The programme has been held every full moon (poya) day since 1995. The event is short a simple affair - conducted after the evening's usual religious ceremonies were over. The gathering consists of the donors, the … Continue reading Donating artificial limbs to war veterans

Colombo Dawn, Sunday

Speeding along alone to a small temple across town after having woken up in the pre dawn dark. Fiancee's folks are have been having some small Pirith sessions at their place. Just the three of them, my parents and humble self. A short bout of chanting about an hour on Friday and Saturday evening. Sunday … Continue reading Colombo Dawn, Sunday