Guardian Deity, Borella

Image below is of a poster advertising the temple of the village guardian (Gambara) deity referred to as the "Suniyam" God. Not sure about the meaning of the "Siddha" in the title. Click on the image for more translations of the lettering. The village guardian title seems ironic since the temple is located in Borella … Continue reading Guardian Deity, Borella

Colombo Dawn, Sunday

Speeding along alone to a small temple across town after having woken up in the pre dawn dark. Fiancee's folks are have been having some small Pirith sessions at their place. Just the three of them, my parents and humble self. A short bout of chanting about an hour on Friday and Saturday evening. Sunday … Continue reading Colombo Dawn, Sunday

Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple Colombo Sri Lanka

I have an older blog post about my family's generational ties to this temple - even though its not exactly our "local" one. The post also blogs about the spectacular art work in the image house. Found this article about "Sarlis Master", the artist who painted the murals. As usual, the Wikimapia location Links to … Continue reading Asokaramaya Buddhist Temple Colombo Sri Lanka

Before I head off to the temple down the road…

Wishing the world a peaceful Vesak (inspired by a comment on this blog). Incase some folk to the north decide that a full moon night is great for night flying. However I'd like to think that the moonlight will silhouettes low flying aircraft very nicely and some other people will not miss. But to keep … Continue reading Before I head off to the temple down the road…