Colombo airport midnight express

Midnight run to Sri Lanka's international airport is one of the most dangerous, exciting and exhausting modules in the deadly game of driving in Colombo. Usually I end up playing this module during Sri Lanka's December-January mating season. When overseas relatives descend for extravagant meat market pre-sex parties we Sri Lankans calls weddings. Their flights … Continue reading Colombo airport midnight express

Colombo by Night

Continuing on our night drive through Colombo, we have to keep an eye out for another threat: drunks. The ones on foot tend to be slower and are easier to avoid. Unless you are flooring it when one staggers onto the road. For those behind the wheel the deadliest drunks are the ones speeding between … Continue reading Colombo by Night

Secret Colombo short cuts

Shorter trips despite longer distances - that's what Secret Colombo Short Cuts (SCSC) are about. They get you around VIP road closures, checkpoints, one way streets, rush hour clog and other unpredictable variables of Colombo traffic. Or you'd be spending more time sitting in traffic. The holly grail is of course routes that cut time … Continue reading Secret Colombo short cuts

Plain cloths “Inteligence operatives” at check points

They were dresses liked street thugs pulling chariots over at a "check point" on Dutugamunu street. There were only two police constables around. Plain cloths guy claimed to be from the "Intelligence branch" (Buddi Ang-sha-ya in Sinhala). The driver of our chariot was not pleased. Challenged them - claiming that anyone could make the claim. … Continue reading Plain cloths “Inteligence operatives” at check points

Colombo checkpoints back?

The "established" checkpoint on the commute seems to be back in action. With a van pulled over. There was a jeep from the local police station parked near by. It didn't look like traffic police. I wonder if the Chief Justice's order has been toppled/or ignored. I was on the road past midnight ferrying doctor … Continue reading Colombo checkpoints back?